Oh bum! It's raining and I've got a flat back tyre

As this would be the third plug, it’ll probably have to be a new tyre. Drat!

See you down at Essential Rubber as soon as the recovery guy arrives… :crying:

I read that punctures are more frequent in the rain for a technical reason I can’t remember.

Hope it hasn’t dampened your day too much. . . :slight_smile:

If you’re getting that many punctures, isn’t your tyre compound too soft i.e. near the end of its life?

Do you not carry Tyreweld or a small kit with you - even if you don’t use it, there will always be some other numpty broken down on the road who might be really grateful if you carry it :w00t:

Thank you for your kind thoughts. Ah, good old Essential Rubber. They’re … rubbery! (gedditt!!!)

And you’re right. I really should carry a plugging kit. File that one under good intentions or New Year’s resolutions.

And after I got home, I gave the bike a really through cleaning. I even bought some polish for motorcycles and not Mr Sheen. Imagine!

Wow. Judging from the time of your original post, that took you over 24 hours to get home!!!

Welcome back. Warm and dry indoors, isn’t it? :smiley: