Ogri 1980, just like today.

Found this old article in a 1980 issue of Bike mag, reminded me of Sunday looking out at the pouring rain.:slight_smile:

Didn’y know Ogri had been out there so long. Big respect for that guy.

I have a feeling that we have quite a few Malcolms and only the odd Ogri in LB.

i used to enjoy reading those early OGRI’s , i had every issue of “bike” from 1978 till 1995 , but i ran out of room so sold them all …

I’ve still got about 30 issues of bike I found in the shed in the garden, Just ask and I’ll post some more vintage Ogri.

Some great articles on some of the old bikes, I’ll see if I can sift out some good ones.:doze:

Found a head to head tuning special, Suzuki X7 vs Yamaha RD 250, memories flooded back. (Microns, Stan Stephens, K&N’s, Castrol R, Clip ons etc ).:D:D

i only kept one issue , it 's the one when they put a supercharged kawaski z1000 v cbx1000

and those tyres … i use racetecs on my VFR now but my old 250 had the avon SM’s , ribbed front , square rear …now that brings back memories

bad ones …lol :cool:

oh those avon SM’s bought a GT380 and they were on it, absolutely lethal wet or dry handled like a drunk bambi on ice :slight_smile: still as they say it was ‘character’ building and ya still rode like a nutcase :slight_smile:

What, no Mitzi? :wink:

oh yes those where the days … not so many wankers in cars about then and not so many bikers got killed ( says it all really ) … and we did ride like complete twats too

i had a 250 k4 honda brand new £350 , on those avons , …ground out everything , stand , footpegs , exhaust and occasianlly my arse too

nick name then was “madman” only the name has changed …lol :cool:

my old 250 , and yes thats me on the chair ! … tehe … all the way to the half way cafe like that from gravesend …god my arse hurt

I put Avon RoadRunners on mine. One of these, this colour, remenisce, remenisce…


I had a blue 400/4 too but mine was a winter shed:D

That one in the picture has the wrong paintwork. It’s an F2 frame with F1 paint:w00t::D:D

TT100’s were my tyre of choice:cool:

no that ones right , it was only the very first batch of models in late 1975 that had the rear footrests on the swingarm , the next batch from 1976 on had it like that one on a bracket but with the single colour scheme , then with stripes in 1977 i had one brand new in dec 1975 , from AyeGee’s £669.00 , and that a had the footrests on the swingarm , the passenger could stiffen up the springs by bracing there legs …excellent …:w00t:less than 2 hours old ( the bike ), and all the right gear … :hehe:

I’m losing the will to hang on to life.