Official LB T-Shirts And Stickers

Right folks we are in business.

we have a limited stock of our T-Shirts in a variety of sizes both male and female fits.

The Shop page has the detail but there is two designs, both on black, and both are £15 each.

OMC are selling them for us but since you can’t reserve get along quick sticks.

a batch of stickers will be ordered in the next 48hrs too so they should be available in 10 days or so. more anon.

Would have been nice if they had the colours :ermm:
Like the deign though:)

i think it works better in b&w.looks less british airs :wink:

The ‘L’ doesn’t fit properly.

Well try a different size T-Shirt then…

On a serious note this thread is just to let people know we are starting to sell T-Shirts and Stickers again. We’ll build up quantities and variations in due course. We’re still testing the water to see what works best so please bear with us.

neither do you, let’s be honest.

Yes i’ve been trying to get Shane to bite by Slagging off the logo:D I dont know if it’s grown on me or did I like it in the first place?:pinch:

Anyhow, when the hoodies become available i’ll be getting one;)

im going to get myself to OMC tonight after work, never been there before and doesnt look far from where i work (blackfriars road)

will be worth checking out the place for my bike and for the LB merchandise


I’m leaving the country in two weeks time. Is there any chance to get a shirt in XXL before?


There is an XXL with your name on it waiting for you at OMC…!!!

Go get it sunshine!!!:smiley:


Wasn’t slagging the shirts. Just want a coloured one :slight_smile:
And I like the Brit colours!

Jaime in the fullness of time I’d love there to be a full colour logo on a white T - I think it would look great indeed and be a fine compliment to a stealthy black option. We just need to sell this lot first.

Sweatshirts - I’m thinking we will look at the previous route for this winter at least although, unlike previously, we will have to add some profit on the price to help sustain a good product range. Plus I won’t have to model them.

We’re sorting stickers right now and winter-wear options are next for my attentions. Stay tuned.

also all Tshirts can be supplied ‘pre worn’ for that genuine biker mechanic aroma :wink:

No posting?

cool my bru. I’ll hold till a coloured jumper comes round and I’ll get one off ya :slight_smile:

REALLY like them.

New logo has grown on me.

Stickers…hmmm…need some work to make them ‘awesome’ The usual ‘’ in the new font in various colours would be good.

Jaime would like this colour jumper

Jaime would like this colour jumper

I would of said thats more Westie’s cuppa flowery tea :wink:

:laugh: somewhat too colourful :w00t: