officer down!,,70131-1273405,00.html

hope he makes a speedy recovery.
get well soon.

They may well sometimes appear to be jobs worths, but the give their time to provide additional security to the streets of this country.

My thoughts toward a speedy recovery.

poor guy, hope hes ok…

Quick recovery to the officer.

People complain that theres not enough police, but its because their all being attacked!!!

that and stuck behind a desk

Yeah heard this on the radio - Hope he’s back on his patrol soon enough!!

I have the best of time for these guys. Hope he recovers soon and they catch the twat who did it. Just makes me wonder if they get enough training to deal with thigs like this as a few weeks doesn’t seem to be enough in my opinion. They face potentially life threatening situations everyday, and with the amount of knives on the streets today I hope they know enough about how to deal with a nutter weilding one.

poor guy hope he gets better soon.

I was thinking exactly the same thing, pcso’s don’t get any training in reality compared to a proper copper and this could easily be the result of lack of knowledge of conflict resolution, personal protection etc.

poor guy hope he is ok

He’s been released from St Thomas’s and the suspect was arrested quite quickly afterwards.

Does’nt sound like he had much chance to defend himself,also Met PCSO’s don’t have CS or a baton or cuffs.Their role is’nt to get involved in situations but call for Police to deal,bit strange but thats how the Met run it.

At least he’s fine though

Im glad he’s ok! What the hell is happening in this country especially after watching crimewatch last nite that was bad enough!

can’t believe this happened at 10am on a busy office/shopping street. good to hear he wasn’t too badly hurt though.

just a couple of mins from my work as well…