Office chair

It’s about time I bought a proper office chair and need some suggestions.

Herman Miller Embody. It’s the best there is. Much better than an Areon. I bought mine new from a chap who deals in office furniture on ebay for £500. There’s two on ebay just now or you could look at getting a used one from an office supplier. It’s as comfortable and ergonomic as a Volvo seat.

It’s the chair Marques Brownlee on YouTube uses.

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Herman Miller definitely. I have an Areon but I’ve had it years, got it second hand on eBay for £100 or something.



that is perfect!! even comes with a butt plug!

yeah ive been looking at those as well

Ultimate productivity chair.

All fun aside, one thing to consider is how much space these chairs can take… I’m a big fan of the Ikea Marcus from a looks perspective. I have only sat in it for a short period and it was comfortable but not spent days on end in it.

I don;t think I would ever shell out £500 on a chair, even if I work from home… in fact, I’d be asking my company to send me one of their chairs if I really wanted it… we had some seriously comfy chairs with suspension on every side. Does your company not offer this?

we dont own our chairs as we went to a lease model. but we have recently been bought and I am not sure what the new company’s policy is - there is a town hall in 15min so will ask :smiley:

@ILikeTurtles has a decent chair, I can’t remember what the brand is though.
It’s definitely worth spending more than you want in getting a good one.

The Aeron is the best out there. Silly money new, can be found on eBay as @Kevsta says, or there are many online places specialise in office refurbishments and often have used ones for reasonable prices. You’ll pay a bit more than some random seller on the bay but you will probably get better service and guarantee.

Just had a look and we have the Aeron at work… no wonder they are so comfy.

Sadly would take up half my living room!

Yeah, they’re big and I don’t like the look of them but they are the gold standard for comfort - and if you are sitting all day long, that means your health.

Agree about the Aeron in terms of office chair, and I have tried a lot. Not cheap new but yeah as people above mentioned you can probably get one cheap on ebay or fb marketplace. Its an investment really, worth every penny, my back and spine would agree with me,

I’m not compatible with the Areom. It squished me. Embody is perfect for me though. Worth sitting on each for a while and see which is best for you.

I don’t know anyone who ever regretted spending on a decent office chair.

Look locally for an office clearance outlet. Go visit and sit on a few.

just got an used aeron delivered. So much better! :smiley:


Wow, that was quick!

Oh well, I guess you can always just cut a hole in it and use plastic bags

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had to act quickly before my Mrs changed her mind! :smiley: