Oh dear. Nobodys fault but mine.
Coming off a roundabout, cornering too hard on cold tyres with too much gas and lost the back end. Before I knew it I was body surfing the asphalt.
Im absolutely fine. Thank god no other traffic was involved. Me and the bike just made our way straight down the carriage way. You can see in the pic how far the bike slid. The patch of sand in lane 2 that you can just about see in the pic is where the bike came to a stop and let her oil go.
Thanks a lot to Elad for sorting out the traffic and for waiting for me all afternoon for pick up. You kept my spirits up! Thanks to all the motorists and bikers who stopped to offer help. Thanks a lot, Lee for the pick up and thanks a lot Mr Frank Thomas for keeping my skin on!

Anyone know where I can get a new alternator cover for a Z750?


Ouch. Good that you are okay and that the bike is repairable. Check Ebay for covers, you could get lucky… Glad you are in good spirits and survived the event unscathed.

I reckon for the length of that slide you got away with minimal damage to both your bike and, courtesy of Mr F Thomas, yourself – which is good to know cos I wear one of his jackets.

Glad you are OK fellah.

Sorry about the off - glad you and bike are (relatively) ok.

Man, hope you are ok the bike can be mended.

Demon tweaks do covers dude - delivered.
see you about, take care.

poo news mate:crying:

hope ya back on the road soon:)

Sorry to hear mate! Glad you’re ok, shame about the bike, it looked lovely and brand new before!
I hope you get it sorted soon and get back on the horse.

For anybody going out today, watch out! There’s tons and tons of water everywhere and the lanes have leaves and mud and all sorts of slippery cr@p. Seen the aftermath of a mini ripping a tree out the ground earlier, and I’m glad we didn’t go through with the bikes a minute earlier when it happened.

Yea, sorry to hear about that!

Ian is a top bloke! All hail Ian!

oh dude…

glad your ok and bikes not too trashed?

elad is a top man indeed and sos lee, he picked me up on thursday. nice one lads:)

Cheers all, thanks for your comments. Yeh one of those things. We’ll soon have her looking shiny and new again.

Once I can get that engine cover done I can be back on the road and worry about the smaller things later, which are just aesthetic. (Bar end, clutch lever end, some paint chips…) I think those crash bungs saved me from a lot worse…

Im already thinking about my next BCR…

glad no you are well, pretty lucky no body else was involved by the look of the road,

Im already thinking about my next BCR…

good on ya fella:cool: will look forward to seeing you soon + your only up the road from me so can meet on route to bcr:)

Unlucky with your off today and good to see your alright.

That`s a pretty good lenth of slide there.

Bit of a result, really, good to see a happy ending. Wherabouts is that exactly? I’m sure I’ve been there… somewhere between the North Circ and Chingford or summat?

That’s sunny Stevenage.

Got a good view of the whole thing, was following franko when it happened…

The bike did slide a heck of a long way, probably cos the road is going downhill, and I was surprised at the relative lack of damage. Luckily enough the bike kept herself in the lane rather than hit the kerbing…

Did not notice the oil until I tried to lift the bike up and found myself doing a dancing on ice impression :slight_smile:

And found out you can carry 2 large Burger King meals, including drinks, in a tank bag :slight_smile:

Glad yer ok mate…

I live near there…have a van (and good tea making facilities)…

To be fair to you, the roads there are horribly broken up and badly looked after. Still, glad to see youre ok x

RE; bits for bike


Look at

Mention your foum name from MCNNinjas when ordering from Simon and see if you get a discount on stuff needed.

Otherwise Cradley Kawasaki do loads of Kwak parts, next day delivery.

01384 633 455


Thanks a lot guys. Killer#1 I will definatley check out those parts dealers.

So far Ive been quoted 93 for the cover and 12 for the gasket. Not that Im complaining about price. Im just happy to have got away with what I did!

Hey Powerfuff Girl, didn’t know you’re from round there. I grew up round Stevenage (Benington) and Elad is a Hitchin boy. Where are you?