Off to Oslo

SO off to Oslo this friday for work, now if I work my nuts off on the saturday I should be able to roam the streets on ths sunday.

Never been before so any suggestions on what I should go and do/see

yes, the women, they’re gorgeous!

Make sure you take lots and lots of money with you as there are few countries in the world that are more expensive than Norway. But in saying that, there are few countries more beautiful either.

Hope you have a great time!

Funny everyone has said it is not cheap out there. All good though as it is a work trip I get all my expenses paid for… GET IN

go see the big penis in the park

Vigeland Sculpture Park

Haha, yeh the park with the all the random statues is weird!

Take a credit card and expect to max it out!!

I did a cheap £1 flight there a few years ago thinking I’d spend very little on a weekend, turned out I’d spent a few hundred quid on not alot at all!

Beautiful place though…