Off to Iceland...

Hi all,

As some of you know a bunch of us (from LB and other places) are off to Iceland for 10 days. We plan to do an anti-clockwise lap around the island. Thanks to Lustfish for some tips from her trip there too.

The recent volcano raised a few concerns, though might add to the adventure too. One of the first hotels we’ve booked is pretty close to the recent volcano!

Things have calmed down a lot thankfully, and the roads have opened. Also the stormy / snowy weather in the north has yielded too. The map below was mostly blocked and iced up roads in the whole eastern side of the country.

It seems like the rain is giving way too … this is looking promising :slight_smile:

Hopefully it will be a good little adventure. I’ll put up some photos, and am taking the SLR, a new “rugged” Panasonic FT3 camera, and a couple of Go-Pros.

I’ll also take along that Spot Tracker as soon as I can find some batteries, and hopefully update Twitter and Facebook.!/Zanderama

Fingers crossed for a good trip :slight_smile:

You lucky lot! Have a great time, put the spot tracker link on here again if you get it running:D

Have a great time, so jealous! Don’t forget to go and explore the lava fields and sit on the moss :slight_smile:

Hi Jetstreams and Lustfish, and thanks!

Hopefully this link will still work - though got to get some new batteries at the airport :slight_smile:

Have a good time Alex!

Sometimes I don’t know who has a more bike-filled life-you or Pimlico!!! :smiley:

LOL - the calendar does seem to fill up rather in advance with biking matters :slight_smile:

looks like lots of fun, good luck. What bike will you be on?

Hey there - unforunately their brand new Triumph 800 XCs have been held up at customs for another week :frowning: so I’m probably on some old Kawa Single Cyllinder KLR … which is a bit of a judder-er :unsure:

We’ve picked up some bikes, and meeting more people and getting more bikes tomorrow … then off we go proper :slight_smile:

Quick update :slight_smile: After a relaxing start in Reykjavik, we´ve been on the bikes a couple of days.

Yesterday was an awesome trip around the Golden Circle of Thingvillar (where the tectonic plates split), Gulfoss waterfall, and stayed at the hotel next to the original Geiser.

Today started off a bit wet, then some gravel / unpaved roads. Things improved with a couple of gorgeous waterfalls, then more dramatic scenery, and I think the moss-covered lava fields Lustfish mentioned - which were awesome to step out on … like walking on the moon.

Finally we entered a 50-70kph wind storm blowing up dust from the recent volcano, taking our speed down to 10mph at times. Hopefully got some of it on GoPro and photos to add later :slight_smile:

I´ve always been a fan of Iceland, but this biking is even better than I expected so far. I´ve plans for a return visit already … :wink:

Tough day today - winds up to 60 kph. Some even thinking of quitting early somehow, though hopefully wind easing tomorrow. Saw amazing icebergs floating down a glacier river though.

Managed to get a few photos off the SLR, so here’s entering and leaving the volcanic dust wind storm. I put the SLR away for most of it to stop fine dust getting in.






Hi Alex … looks and sounds a great adventure… I guess you don’t go to Iceland for the weather aye :smiley: … see you got some decent bikes then after all then :wink: … keep the pictures coming where all jealous

Oh wow, superb. Jealous here!

Me too! I was looking into riding in Iceland a while ago but was put off by how expensive it is over there :unsure: Have a great time, be safe and add some more pics please

Oh man … we need you here Martin! I’ve been saying that a few times in my head already. I didn’t organise this, but people are looking to me to lead through the tricky bits.

Everyone’s underestimated how challenging this little country is. Luckily one of the riders is a lady police biker, who’s been perfect as a safe tailgunner and helping me look after the more vulnerable riders.

After yesterday’s gales, today was definitely cold. I got everyone’s spirits back up with a gentle ride around some fjords this morning, then tunnel inland. Then some desolate roads to no-mans land, almost the “interior”. A decision point as to whether to do plan A to the north, or bail and go plan B to the west towards home.

Everyone was eventually okay with plan A. I confidently led, but we headed towards a big cloud in the distance. Turned out before heading down out of the heights, the road led us up and through gravel, then snow, then fog, then snow and icy gravel. Eventually down through more gravel and slowly getting warmer. We’re now just a few miles away from the Arctic Circle and are told this is the coldest June here since 1979!

After the icy gravel, one nice girl gave up and has gone pillion. I was impressed she got so far. We’ve left a bike somewhere safe to be picked up by agreement with the freindly hire company (at a cost).

Naturegirl - thanks for your thoughts too :slight_smile: Getting everyone around safe is top priority right now, but here’s a couple of quick pics. Unfortunately the GoPro froze up in the temperature today, and the SLR fogged up too.






Wow, picture number 3 is amazing. That is a lot of ice! Thanks for adding them Zander :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: And oops … I meant to show where the ice came from…





Thingvillar - Mate was there last month.

Looks like a fabulous place to ride and astounding scenery.



Hey - cool, and yes I love Thingvellir :slight_smile: That’s a cool photo, where’d you get it? We were supposed to use Biking Viking’s brand new Triumph Tigers but they arrived a few days too late :frowning: That looks like theirs?My KLR was “ok”, though the chain was loosening by the day, and we had a couple of other annoyances on their older bikes. All good fun in the end though, and recommend them. They are pretty much the only motorbike hire company in Iceland, so you’ve not got much choice anyway :smiley:

Dunno where they got them from but yep they were hired so suspect its the same company. It was last month they were in Iceland.

The mate is Bill Roughton who runs bike tours uk. He regularly does trips to Iceland. At the moment he is in the Alps. But having a rough time at the moment. Puncture, failed immobiliser, lost people, missed ferry and a blown engine. But thats what touring abroad can be like.

He has just confirmed that it is Biking Viking he uses. He says the KLR’s are better on the gravel though.