Off to Germany

It seems ages ago when a group of us decided on the trip, over breakfast last September. Well all the talking is over and we set off via Le Shuttle tomorrow morning.
Excitement, trepidation, OMG what have I forgotten, wtf am I doing? wonder if that water proof stuff does what it says - guess that’s normal :doze:

This will be my second time of riding on the right. Did the LB/CBC France trip as a test for this one. Not that fussed on the way out, will be with a group and that ought to make it easier. After being there two weeks I should be OK coming back, which I’m doing on my todd.

It’ll also be my second MotoGP, first one a few years back and was the first dry race of the all 4 stroke field. Expecting it to be quite different at the Sachenring.

Anyway enough rambling …


You lucky sod…have fun:)

git! :stuck_out_tongue: have a great time :slight_smile: