Off road trackdays-recomendations

Since its going to be all cold and wet for the next few months my track bike is away until next year, i take it out on road every now and again over winter but generally use the hornet year round.

Anyway since i wont be doing any trackdays for a while i want to try one of those off road days using a trail/dirt bike and was after some recomendations of different companies that offer them.

Ive never done this type of thing before but id like to give it a try amd see how i like it with the aim of buying another bike to start green laning in future

I know there was a LB off road trackday that i missed earlier this year but i can remeber the name of the company that ran it.

Ive found these guys so far

thats about all ive found at the minuite. Has any one got and companies/links that they could recomend?


A few of us did the yamaha experience day at Golding Barn. Was good fun round an offroad track. I think they’re now shut till march though :frowning:

I think Zander had done some more ‘enduro’ type training so maybe drop him a PM?

Hey - thanks Serrisan :slight_smile:

I recommend Golding Barn too - great fun! Also Patsy Quick’s training … she does stuff all over the country, but I went to her Sussex location. I’m sure others on here have done much more off-road than me :slight_smile:

A bit speaking of which … I won a couple of charity auction prizes at the recent Dakar Team GB event.

One was a 2 day event training with Patsy, and possibly Ross Noble coming too.

Also, I won an off-road trip to Cambodia in January eek. They’ve got a couple of spaces if anyone’s interested :slight_smile:

PS - if anyone can recommend a place for good cheap motocross / off-road gear … do let me know :wink:

You could visit a Moto x meet there is always gear for sale at this time of year. :slight_smile:

My friends did and praised days at both; than that I can recommend buying cheap drz400e and start tolearn green lanes, plenty around London.

Thanks guys,

It’ll be my first off road experience,

they look pretty good. Tracksense id just around the corner from me so i think ill get over there and have a go.