Off road day

Anyone recommend a company that did the off road experience? Want one closeish to me but one where I’m going to get as much bike time as possible.

Ben mentioned this the other day now cannot get it out of my head so going to make it happen…

You won’t need more than 5 hours - it’s knsckering!

I’ve done the Yamaha Experience somewhere near Brighton and the Honda Enduro Experience somewhere in Wales. I enjoyed the Yamaha experience more because it was on a motocross track and more of the track was opened as we progressed. Plus because the terrain was consistent it was easier to build confidence. The Enduro experience was good too but more time was spent either crashing or waiting for others in the group to pick up their bikes after they had crashed.

I’ve done the Yamaha one as well. It used to be at Golding barn but when I recently did a very quick search, it looked like KTM were now running days there.

As Joby says it was more of a Motocross experience than off-road so depends what you want.

This will give you more of a feel of an off-road bike and you will get comfortablez doing a few jumps etc. You’ll probably have more time ‘going’

However it’s not really the same as going off-road on byways… There I can’t.imagine you’re doing the same track over and over which can get a bit repetitive. But you will probably crash more as you come across different obstacles. All I can draw on is my.own experience taking my SM to byways in Surrey and Kent…

Also, with the weather at the moment, it’s likely to be very dry. Means more grip.but (for me) the fun is when the mud is wet and the bike slides and if you crash, it hurts less…

Yeah I did the Dave Thorpe day in Wales with a load of other LBers, same as Joby. I enjoyed it but it is a trek and I think they moved to Somerset now?

It’s probably a more indicative experience of what greenlaning is like but as Joby said it does depend on the other people in your group (I seem to remember it was about 5-6 people per group, split by ability).

Practising/learning to ride off road on a basic motocross track will enable you to learn how to ride on dirt. It’s very different to riding on the road and there’s new instincts to programme into your brain like loosing the front end and accelerating hard to get it back. Once you get a moderate understanding of riding off road like this you’ll get more out of an enduro day.

I found learning to ride on dirt coupled with technical woods riding to almost be too much to take in and as mentioned, you’ll crash a lot. It’s easier and more progressive to approach it in stages.

It’s great fun and once you get alright at it whipping round a motocross track is some of the most fun you can have on a bike. Even crashing makes you laugh. You can’t really say that about road riding!

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