Off road day in 2016

After yesterday’s successful off road day, im thinking about organising a LB off road day.
I need to gauge interest in how many people would be up for it.

Going by yesterday’s prices (could be more, could be less when I organise it)

£191 got us a full day of riding off road with lunch and refreshments included. We started at about 0830 and finished at 1530 with an hours lunch and a 15 minute tea break, so with regards to value for money it is much better than a race school day.

For that money you get full use of a brand new Honda CRF 250 (they change every 6 months so top quality bikes) full protective clothing including helmet, refreshments and a lunch pack. And if the weather isnt a washout they will also take us on the motocross track for a Play.

I have emailed the company asking for dates in 2016 but I was hoping to do it about February/March time so that the icey cold conditions has started to lift off and rain hasnt started coming in fully yet.

This is open to anyone, Men, women, novices and pros to off road as tgey will split you into groups of ability and the terrain is great for anyone to ride whatever ability.

Looks a good day out, did you stay nearby ?

Sounds good to me

I´d be keen to give it a try, maybe the more we are we can negotiate prices

I’d be up for that, sure Pricetta would be too.

I would hold until the more summer months when daylight is longer which means you get more time on the trails. Plus warmer mud beats being damp and cold

You get the same time regardless, it is a 1530 finish regardless of month. And its never dark at 1530 any day of the year. Plus I was drenched yesterday and I wasnt cold at all. Plus I would rather fall off in the wet than the dry as it is softer lol

Amit and Bryan stayed 10 mins up the road I travelled there

It does sound interesting…

I’d come along :slight_smile:

Wait till April and I`ll organise another ride on the Ridgeway.
Suitable for all.
Price, priceless.

Ok. Ill get prices for April

It was a brilliant day! Highly recommended. Amit & I stayed at the Travellodge in Caerphilly so we had Friday & Sunday rideouts on the road bikes too! Awesome weekend:-))
Cotswolds, Brecon, Fosse way on the road bike and riding the CRF250 through a river, two foot deep puddles, mud you couldn’t stand on top of and gradients I’ve never ridden the likes of- Still grinning now!
I’d love to go and do it all again! (Now)

Very interested.

+1… was a fantastic day… Book the hotel in advance…£35 per night… would be a laugh to take the day off on Friday and spend a whole weekend out again… Who is good at editing videos from my GoPro… loads of good clips that would make you LOL !

Date dependant I’d be up for this

I would be keen to take part of others are still following this thread. I have just bought a CRF250, having been away from bikes for many years, and can thoroughly recommend it.

This is the thread about the resulting off-road day:

I’m not sure if there’s still spaces.