Off for a long weekend.

I’m heading off to Le Mans in the early hours of the morning for my annual pilgrimage to watch the 24 hour bike race.

Good chance so to see how the S1000r fairs with the luggage and some wonderful twisty French B roads.

I’ve already covered 2000 miles since I picked her up at the end of July so not too shabby and I’m just loving the more relaxed riding style it gives me.

So enjoy your weekend coming up and with this weather lasting get out and ride.

Very nice!

Hope you have a great trip and look forward to hear how the bike fairs :slight_smile:

Enjoy PJ, and don’t be last :smiley:

Have fun PJ :slight_smile:

enjoy!! not jealous at all, not even a little bit.

And there was me going to come and collect my language rack this weekend :-). Enjoy mate. N

I’m heading over on saturday, not for Le Mans though, heading to a beer festival in Belgium :smiley:

Have a good PJ

Avoir un bon voyage mon ami

have fun Peej and crew, be erm…sensible?:smiley:

Ahh I would have been up for this!

Have a good time