off at tower gateway

filtering through to lights one car away from the front and a cab drive decides to open his door on me clever cun.t . so my left hand gets smashed by the door and the bike and i fall into a van. im ok all apart from my little finger possible fracture. bike needs a new screen an engine casing mirror and front mudguard so far will look over again tomorrow when it light.

grr so annoyed :crazy:

oh no, glad your ok mr sorry bout da bike though

What a a-hole!!
Hope your hand ain’t too bad.

Hope you’re not in too much pain with the hand; but pleased you’re otherwise OK.

What a douchebag cabbie. Why do that?

forgot to add i got his details and he did apologize heavily but one look in hes mirror would have bin alot effin easier

I assume his insurance will pay for it or is it time for another LB whiparound :wink:

Not the kind of whiparound you want to do though :smiley:

Aww mate, good job u weren’t going quicker though might’ve been worse!

Hope the finger is ok, and the bike!

hey man, that totally sucks. Hope your finger heals and the insurance gets sorted out!

Hope you’re OK & the bike is fixed soon. Check his details are genuine PDQ, hope you got his cab licence number too.

yer it was good he was at the front of the queue. just had a quick tot up about 400 quids worth atm :crying:

hope u gave him the finger ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Or an angry wave of the fist!

Glad to hear you’re ok

mate £400?

Thats gash

but he’ll pay for it right?? or his insurance will?

if u need any help just ask :smiley:

Oh Miss Plum… U seem to not have gotten the pun on this one…:hehe::P:D

That was for a member in need with no job and two stolen bikes in the past. Jimbo is insured has got the details so won’t be out of pocket like Shane is

Hope ur Ok Jimbo! maybe you can claim on the rest of the damages?!

shit jimbo… just as the bike was ready have to start work all over again :frowning:

Glad you’re ok and hopefully the bike won’t be too difficult to mend


Unlucky jim…
Good ur ok though…
Bike iz Nnoying but it will get fixed

way to end a cool evening…

Sucks for the bike indeed, but you’re ok, that’s what counts.