Of those back to work today, was anyone...

Of those back to work today, was anyone glad to be back at work rather than be at home? Three people told me they couldn’t wait to go back to work this morning?

It’s people like that that have made a 12hr working day a norm! I say hang them from their tongues so that that phrase is never mentioned again!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Guilty… sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

not me i missed the long layin:crying: but was happy the gym re-opened today after being closed for 2weeks. was sooooooo happy to be back i went for 3hours:D

in my dreams— i’d enjoy going to work only to blow it up and walk away from it with fire burning behind me, as i’ll be slowly walking away whilst casualy smoking my cigar…like in a good american movie :wink:

Glad Mrs. O went back to work today.

At least I could do what I wanted, when I wanted without GBH of the ears, and I didn’t have to go friggin SHOPPING!

Know what you mean OG. Mrs J`s been pestering me to get down the sales and buy some more “modern” wheels.

Each time we hit the high street, we end up filling the estate car with wine befor VAT goes up.

We`ve ended up buying two new garden sheds to store it in.:slight_smile:

So, anyone wanting two nearly new, hardly used garden sheds this weekend, please PM us.:stuck_out_tongue:

These are top quality items with a capacity of around 1000 bottles a piece.:ermm:

Well some of us went back to work today, but also stayed at home! :unsure:

Being back at work means getting paid so kinda happy to be back so I can buy more fuel, booze and food :smiley:

I have really started to enjoy my job again. So I don’t mind going back to work now :DThe joys of a male Escort

got use to the Xmas kip but being sent out yesterday early hours of the morning to west bromwich give ya the chills:D hands and feet mainly suffer, and I’m sure this ain’t the worse weather to come yet oh the joys!!!:hehe:

with a 6yo, a 4yo and an 8 month old I was most certainly glad to return to work. All christmas seems to have been is stress filled with constant telling off.