of duty cop

On my way home a few nights ago i was stoped at some Temporary lights.

Now these lights were about 5m apart around a hole in the road but the timing on them is like 5 mins apart.

from where i had pulled up i could not see the set on my side clearly as i was right next to it.

I saw the light go red on the other side and set of, got to the next set of lights and pulled up as they were red.

next thing i know a car pulls up right next to me and a lady says " you jumped the red light" i say “and…”

“Im a police officer” she says…

well being the cheeky muppet i am i said " why dont you make your self usefull then and go and fight crime, bike theft would be a good start love"

and “why are you driving a lefthand drive car then?” (car was a lefty)

At this she got very upset and tryed to pull infront of me screeming “pull over, pull over now!”

Well the lights were green and i was thinking if she is a cop ill prolly never see the light of day again or if she isnt then shes nuts and may well run me of the road…

so it was see you later lady…

did i do the right thing?

she didnt show me a warrent card, the car was unmarked and lefthand drive…

she did have a white shirt on but no numbers on the shoulders…

and she was VERY agitated…

I’d ave done her!

Two orwd for you. Scew her. She did not identified herslf properly and she might have been a trafic warden for all you know so has she cannot do anything about it without incriminating herself for dangerous driving… SCREW HER!!!

some copers just cant switch off…job pissed!!!

wouldnt worry about it, just watch out for her in case shes a local theres not a lot she can do about it unless shes really really job pissed and bothers to report you but i doubt it

she needs a life and prob a good seeing too to chill her out!!!

lets make some assumption to simplify things, copper(we assume) off duty, alone, says she saw somebody doing what ever.

now lets look at the evidence,…, it is hardly rocket science.

The police do a tough job, and with any job, particularly if you care about it, it’s hard not to “take work home”.

From what you said, you didn’t do anything dangerous or inconsiderate; good;
you didn’t abuse the off-duty policewoman (much); fairly good;
you buggered off; good.

Nothing to be worried about there, mate


i said " why dont you make your self usefull then and go and fight crime, bike theft would be a good start love"

Quality come back, psml

LoL charlie!! spoze i was just think i hope shes not local, as she may want word if she sees me again.

was a bit stupid to wind her up realy i should know better by now.

she Probably would have just told me off, which at the end of the day is way more afective than a ticket…

I agree with you 100000%, quality indeed

As Bluestar said, I wouldn’t worry about it in the slightest.

Some stroppy so and so having a bad day and you were the unfortunate person she (attempted to) take it out on.

Nice one. I wouldn’t advise ever running a red light (snicker) and I’ve been sat at some realy doozies, but I don’t think she properly identified herself. That’s no way to behave if you’re off duty IMHO.

I had a pair of (on duty) transport police indicate right and pull into my lane as I was level with the driver door yesterday on the A40… I sh!t ye not.

…so how did they explain the bootmark on their driver door when they got back to their base…?

Heres the crack people…

Only an officer in uniform has the power to stop a vehicle, so stopping for non uniformed officers is voluntary.

If she took your plate, then she can demand the registered keeper to reveal the driver/rider then serve an NIP within 14days, and report you for the offence, which means you will be heard in court and fines and points depend on how happy the magistrate is.

At this point its worth noting, that if this copper did report you, the CPS would probably drop it and it is likely the case would receive a ‘No Further Action’ reccomendation (unless you are a persistant law breaker where a conciderable sentence was likely).

Now sit back and wait for the traffic cops here to put it straight, cos I don’t do traffic.

You absolutely did the right thing.

If she tries and reports you, I think all you need to say is some hysterical woman pulls up next to you behaving aggressively claims to be a police officer, without any ID and demands that you pull over, you were concerned because you have heard of incidents where bikers have been asked to pull over and then had their bikes stolen from them.

She can go f*ck herself the jumped up facist little cow.

Silly Girl.

You see lots of stuff off-duty…obviously serious stuff such as Autocrime and assault it would be wrong for us to ignore it (and i don’t)

but minor traffic infringements?


if she wants to do something she just needs to NIP you…

CPS will entertain it if it’s deemed a serious enough offence.

Adam M you did the right thing dude know need to lose any sleep over it

Run alwasys run

No uniform = No stop… pretty simple really…

wow man you must have trawled through the forum this is like a year old nearly…

lol. I wonder if anything ever came of it…

I was just about to say the same thing happened last year…! lol!! and I replied a year ago too! lol!