Odd idle on NEW Fazer, surging at low speeds...

OK so my shiny new 07 fazer has developed an intermittent problem at less than 1k miles. Was fine before its first service.

Real nasty idle tickover from cold plus occasional surging at low revs when less than 2k rpm and at low speeds and sketchy engine breaking at any temperature (ie when filtering).

I took it to the dealer the other day moaning about the dodgy tick over, but it was a ‘good day’ and the bike was fine . I left the bike till cold wasting time going to homebase and stuff, got back after an hour or so, fired it up and it was fine - smoother than freshly waxed muff. They looked at me like I was wierd (cough) and told me I should rev it more.

But I know theres an issue, cause i ride the bike every day for most of the day. Its intermittent when warm (the surging and eng breaking) but from cold it sounds like sh1te pretty much all the time, until about 80 degrees. The exhaust is ‘popping’ and the engine sounds worse than my dodgy old Bandit just before the cam went and sent the pistons skyward.

It also seems to be getting worse. I’m taking it back tommorow (again) to maon (jeez this a brand new bike fgs it shouldnt be doing this). Searching the interweb, seems like a possible TPS issue?? BUT THIS IS AN 07 MODEL INNIT?

Any tips? Am I being paranoid? Is this normal for a fuel inj model?

Bear in mind that my mechanical knowledge is in line with a small child.


Hi mate, well i had this exact same issue on my 04 fz6 fazer. Ive just got rid of it, it sounds like a tps sensor prob, to be honest my bike never ran right, it went through stages of playing up, and stuttering and coughing too. Take it back to Yamaha and complain, it deffo sounds like tps, i had the surging too.

Ive got my triumph now, love it, the fz6 fazer is a lovely bike when it runs well.