Odd buzzing/vibrarting Noise

Evening - ever since I fitted a K&N to my bike I’ve had a weird kind of high pitch vibrating sound coming from the tank area of the bike & its really starting to piss me off!

I checked to make sure the airbox is done up tight which it was, tanks on tight so not sure what else it could be - its a high pitch sound kind of like when a bee is buzzing against your window to get out, seems the more you wind the throttle back the louder it gets - any ideas what it could be? Its a K4 GSXR 600.


Check the tank mounting rubbers are still there, the tank might be vibrating against the frame.

The only high pitched noise i’ve ever heard increase when i go faster is from the pillion

Checked those when I took the tank off - 1 of the bolts was loose & I thought that was the problem but its still there, its gonna be 1 of those really annoying things to find I reckon!

It wouldn’t take long to take the tank, airbox and filter off again and reassemble it, checking there are no parts trapped or fouling on something.

Personally the noise would bug me and this would be a small price to pay, hope you get it sorted.