OCTOBER COMPETITION: Full Set of R&G Crash Protectors!

LB, in partnership with various suppliers and retailers are running a series of competitions to let members win numerous brilliant prizes. The competitions are set to be held at least once a month. A dedicated area of the site has been set-up to list all the competitions. Check out the link at the bottom of the page for more details.

The competitions are run via the LB Text service, making it easy for members to enter competitions from wherever they are, and allow us to randomly select the winners at the end of each competition period. The competitions run from the first of the month to the end of the calendar month, with winners chosen a day or two after this period typically.

October’s Competition

This month competition prize is a full set of R&G crash protectors kindly donated by R&G themselves. This means that you could win the frame protectors, swingarm protectors, fork protectors and bar-ends protectors, which would total well over £100. R&G’s products are arguably the best in the industry, and have saved LB staff bikes from serious damaged on a number of occasions. We can’t recommend their products enough!

About R&G:

R&G Racing design and manufacture a growing range of ground-breaking bolt-on motorcycle accessories, the core of the business being crash protectors. We have extensive and fast growing dealer networks in many countries. This is complemented by our updated on-line shopping web site.

Utilising modern CNC machining and aircraft-grade metals, as well as other materials, we set the standard in the crash protector business, as well as that of WSB toe guards, paddock stand bobbins, soft tie-downs etc. We also have other new products to offer, such as fork/swingarm protectors and an improved version of our famous exhaust protector.

R&G Racing design and manufacture a growing range of top quality, heavy-duty, bolt-on accessories, mostly for protecting your motorcycle, but there are notable additions, such as “Tail Tidies” (Licence Plate Holders). We have extensive and fast-growing dealer networks in many countries . This is complemented by our updated, easy-to-navigate web site , where you can find details of our UK dealers and international importers, as well as having the facility to order on-line if preferred.

Crash Protectors

We manufacture and market individual, bespoke designs for around 150 different models of motorcycle. Our crash protectors even received an MCN rating of 97%. These are not “mushrooms” and, unlike most competitors, we use de-embrittled high-tensile steel bolts, designed not to snap off on impact. In addition, we insert compression sleeves inside the bobbins, which are designed to scrub speed from crashes quickly and minimize damage to frames and fairings in most crash scenarios.

All the R&G products can be seen and bought online at:


Check the competitions page in the future for updates:

To enter, text the words ‘BIKER COMP’ to 80010

  • Entries cost £0.50 each time you text. You can enter as many times as you want. Entering more times increases your chances of winning.

** Please post up here after you’ve entered, so we can see the interest! **

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text sent

Nice prize!


who won last months?

Jeez JB, don’t you read the forums? Purple Power won the tyres!

Done, not that a set of bungs would be that much use on a Virago. I use the luggage rack and engine bar to fall over onto…

all done fingers crossed!!


All done! Could do with some o these!

Done,need at least one R&G bung to replace the one i mangled on Bike Safe!

and I’ve entered too !

…didn’t know they did off road versions too

but do they do pink ones bender??

also entered

ah bollox

Was hoping they’d come in green to hide the grass stains !

im in

I’ve entered,will need something to protect the new paintwork


Its a complete get up !!


Job Jobbed

Done … you never know when some dozy bird is going to run across in front of you in a car park after all …