Oceans Blue, hip-hop and a Manga babe.

Tonight was the opening night of a new bar here in Okpo.

As I’d just come ashore from sea trial I thought a night out was in order so I went up there with a couple of mates. Oceans Blue turns out to be a smart place, and I was jolly pleased to find that hip-hop (and R&B) seems to be the adopted sound track. My friends weren’t so pleased with this!

After 30 minutes, who should turn up but a ex of mine, Sum-Mi, a cracking looking Korean burd with fine fake breasts who looks like one of those fine ladies from a Manga comic with her big hair etc.

Anyway, twas nice to see her again and a good night was had by all.

Special mention to a pair of local lads who really could break dance to the max!

Sounds like you had a nice fun night mate!

Sounds like a scene from Police Academy to me, Pete!

Oceans Blue, Blue Oyster, same difference…

Should the free leather cap have alerted me to this?

Another invaluable and interesting insight into a largely alien (to us) culture, courtesy of LB’s overseas correspondant.

Wonder how they’d react to a slightly immature lanky Northerner?

Keep’em coming, ya barm-pot.

Andrew, I’ve been called a lot of things in the past, many of which would get Jay’s profanity checker glowing red-hot. However, this is the first time I’ve ever been called a “Barm-pot.”!

Do I need to learn “Northern” now?

Hehehe no, there’s no need.


So are Manga babes common over there?

Might be lookin for some cheap flights soon

Andrew, the most Manga-tastic night I’ve ever had was in 2003 (I think) when me and Louise (gurl in the sigs at the mo) went to Tokyo for a torture garden night!

We went as Matrix stylee characters, louise looking very “Trinity” in a black rubber catsuit.

FYI I may have set a world record for using the phrase “I know Kung-foo” most in a single night!

BAHAAAHAHA excellent (picture seal clapping flippers)

One coming right up: