Obsessive Behaviour

I’ve been told i obsess to much about smell, I suppose its true I have about 3xplug-in air freshener in the flat and automatic 1 in the toilet and two spray freshener. I always fabreeze the curtains and the sofa’s before anybody comes in my flat. Even if i’ve changed the bedsheets i still have to fabreeze the whole bed and pillows first. I have to wash my hair every day so it smells nice and fresh if not i have one of those hair perfume.

Does anybody else have an obsessive behaviour or is it just me:w00t:?

Nice try, but highly unlikly to be a Obsessive complusive behaviour. Sounds like just good hygine.

Why so many air freshners ? Do you not wash ? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

sounds like a touch of OCD to me

Lets not start with personal hygiene. Thats even worst am very OTT with that to. I have shower gels and deoderant for everything and every where :w00t::w00t:

Too much information ! :slight_smile:

Well you wanted to know whether i wash or not :P;)

My mum has mild OCD. So, every time I go up north, I move the ornament’s on the fireplace and leave all the pictures at jaunty angles. I also leave crumb’s all over the sitting room table! :P:w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

Drives her mental! :P:P:P:P

Isn’t that just a mumsy thing being house proud, making sure everything is clean and in its place :slight_smile:

i usually lock my car, check door handle three or four times, check boot, look into car to check buttons have gone down, start walking away, then go back to car to check its locked again…

I think it’ just a girlie thing hun, my one is a clean kitchen/bathroom, anything else I can cope with, but if I see even the slightest water mark on my work surface or sink I drop everything I’m doing and make sure it’s all nice and shiny again, very therapeutic :hehe:

Nope! My mum’s proper OCD!!! Only a mild case in comparison to proper sufferer’s, but she get’s worked up over the slightest things! In the time it takes me to walk into the kitchen, make a cup of tea for us and walk back into the front room, she would have smoothed over the settee and plumped the cushion’s where I’d been sitting! :w00t: Not Kidding either!!! She also popped into the house one day, whilst meant to be at work, just to check that I hadn’t left any cup’s or plates in the sink before I travelled back to London! She didn’t realise that I was running later than planned, and I caught her snooping around and muttering to herself! :P:P:PSometime’s I leave things when I come back to London, like sweet wrappers and crisp bags under the settee or in one of her vases! Then I let her know about a week later! My stepdad thinks it’s hilarious! We even call her Mrs Bucket (Bouquet) or Hyacinth, after the character from “Keeping Up Appearances”… :stuck_out_tongue:

See thats what i thought because my mum was like that. I know women like to be very clean and tidy and like to make sure house is clean before anyone comes in . But when peeps starts telling you you are a bit OTT with then it makes you think is it or isn’t it

I hate the smell of air ‘fresheners’!

Fair enough if there is something hideous to be masked, but they hardly smell natural.

I’m not a dirty person, but I don’t see the merits in trying to deny the fact that things change and we are alive (processes which can cause unpleasant odours).
As long as it is not extreme or likely to offend the average person, leave it be.

Although I do obsess about people’s English.

Perhaps Day Release, you should start a “How To” thread where we can ask you questions about this type of stuff:)

Have you any tips for a smelly helmet?:slight_smile:

Ever since 1995 I have kept all my poo’s in jars on shelves with detailed labels describing time and date passed, colour, consistency and the mood I was in at the time.

Some people have said that I have OCD but I like to think that I am just a regular guy… :smiley:

You might find this handy mate;)

I thought the Bristol scale went up to 9

Oooh I like Maltesers…and sausages, thanks. Today though I’m mainly feeling a bit Six :sick:

Well chunky i do i have a hair perfume so my helmet won’t smell nasty and plus i try to wash my hair every day. Some lids come with removeable inside so you could wash them. I don’t know about bald headed people because the oil that come out from you head has nothing to go into except for your lid