Obsessed with my bike?

Thats what my gf said to me. That I let it take over me. All because I said I was having withdrawal symptoms cause I hadn’t ridden it for a few weeks. Non bikers just don’t understand do they Bike and man/woman there is an amazing connection there.

I understant you mate! I went to my garage to clean my bike just for a little while. My wife doesn’t get what I clean there if it’s not dirty and I havent been on it since last time I washed it… They just dont get it! I go there to tell my bike that I love her and miss have a ride. The machine understands it and pays me back been there quite waiting for me and when I jump on her, it gives me a very smooth ride! Wi the wife can’t do the same???

Yup know just how you feel. It’s especially nice when you have the bike that you have always wanted too there is a special bond. I wanted a J2 ZX6 when they first came out was so desperate to buy one and managed it after a couple of years of saving.

If my wife gave me a ride each time I cleaned her then that would be at least 5 times a day and she would be one clean babe.

Is that why im still single