Oberon Tax Disc holders

Just bought one of these 'ere cylindrical efforts, i think they’re rather cool


Tip: Give the Motorcycle Centre ( http://www.themotorcyclecentre.com ) in Brighton a buzz for these they are way cheaper - listing at £18 Mention LB… you never know

Edit: Make sure when you order you get the latest version which comes with 2 spring washers…

you can even stuck a ten quid bill there for emergencies eh? lol

Erm make it a 50 mate and i’ll bring me spanners

you dont need 2 display your rent anymore, because old bill know if your taxed, ins, and if u need it


But isn’t it still an offence not to display it?

Yes it is andrew I got caught out after this years Ally Pally…They are on a “Roller Format”…when you park up…wardens scream they are not allowed to touch the vehicle and smack down a ticket…leaving you to have to undo it and produce your tax disc at the local authority offices to get it scrubbed !!!..waste of time !!!