Oakdene 5/8/2009

You tell her Rob! Sounds like you might dishing out some discipline…

I went to the Oakdene once…Seems like a lot of people standing around doing nothing if you ask me…lolWould rather do a meet at a track day at least you can ride fast…Snetterton is always a good one…

:D:D im not saying nothing:hehe:

Go on, you know you want too! :wink:

are you offering to fund the meet?

Just seen this, seems too good to miss, so I am coming (erm)… Beware Rob, the car parks a bit bumpy, dont drop the bike :D:D

I’ll go straight there from home, should be there about 7 ish, I think its all over by 8.30 ish ( but maybe you can get busy then, somewhere behind the truck park is as good a place as any)

I’m more worried about dropping her:Whistling:

i will see who ever is going down there tonight:D if it dont rain:w00t:

Fairweather bike!

Oops! Freudian slip :smiley:

I meant Fairweather biker :Whistling:

Well it looks like the Rebels ride again:D See you all there;)

Il be there tonight to show my face.:slight_smile:


i’ll come down to hold robs hand…;)…yes stevie…be good to see you mate…!!!

beware tho guys…Smiled’s on Alert…so may have to dash…;).


Ooooo - is it that close now??? :smiley:

yup…3 days late…:w00t:


Will pop down for a change from BM - if I can get out of work in time :smiley:

Late but if you can make it I’ll see you there;)

Wha time you going - your first post said you weren’t eve leaving until 7???

errr… you picked names yet? Dene’s lookin good :laugh: (or is it a Deanettah?) :DRight, gonna bog off to the gym for an hour, grab summat to eat and head down there- should be thee for 7 - 7:30 :smiley:

yup…gonna get showerd here and head down…;).