Oakdene 5/8/2009

I want to go to oakdene to see what the fuss is all about.:w00t:So any of you first timers (You know who i’m talking about) That fancy it and can be at Sainsburys car park by 7pm are more than welcome to come along. Let me know here and i’ll see you there a 7pm:D

il be there rob although im not a newbie:D

Just because you’re using a different word from “newbie” doesn’t change anything. You looking for another tongue battle with Westie again? :smiley: Mods, he’s trying to hijack the newbie events! :w00t::w00t::w00t:

Next time i see you i’ll have a big wooden spoon for you:w00t:. I will always be a regular visitor to bmm & Newbie Nights up the ace. I just like a little variaty thats all:D So stop Trying to start trouble you little sh*t:D

Don’t really need a wooden spoon, all money donations are welcome to the R6 restoration charity fund. :wink:

They are best mates now;) Might even be riding pillion together soon:)

Was there yesterday Rob, a traditional greasy caf - (just how I like 'em) though was told it gets very busy on a wednesday. Car park was very gravelly - was advised to park in the lay by opposite.

Cheers mate will keep that in mind.:wink:

Anne what time does it start to get busy down there?

That’s very forward isn’t it Rob? I would’ve thought you’d have to atleast wine and dine her first before you start talking about that region. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh dear thats just wrong:w00t::w00t::w00t:

No wine and dine? Just a wham bam thank you maam? :w00t:

I cant be there this week rob, i’m away otherwise i’d have shown you all round some really nice roads. Make sure weather is nice and sunny when you go or all the kent fair weather bikers stay in and its dead there.

it gets busy between 7 and 8pm. park in the layby with the lorries, stay away from the coffee (hot choc is best) and be prepared for the lady behind the counter to take up to 2 hors to get your order! :D:D

I will be back down there 19th Aug

be prepared for the lady behind the counter to take up to 2 hors to get your order! :D:D

-It might be wise to bring a flask and some sandwiches with you if you get hungry whilst queing;)

Take no notice of them Rob, when you mentioned getting busy at the Oakdene I felt flattered, I suppose that’ll be outdoor sex then? from memory there’s a lot of gravel :w00t: I suppose at least you’d get ya knee down! you’d have too! Your’e a bigger bloke than i’d normally go for but you seem nice enough all be it a bit forward!:pinch:meet you behind the bike shed? ooh just like school, shall i pop my uniform in ma ruck sack to spice it up a bit? :satisfied:

FFS - get a room you two :smiley:

I will see if I can get a pass for a couple of hours - oakdene is only half an hour from me (lanes or mains ;)), so would be rude not to :smiley:

OY, Smiled, you going this week, y’ol BM traitor, you? :Whistling:

<gives Raquib his spoon back>

if the weather is nice it will be busy from 5pm onwards .if you want to get served quickly get there early or the day before …lolthe food is ok , we have been meeting there for well over 30 years and i’m still alive ( just ) …lolused to stop there on the way to brands for the transatlantic and hutcheson 100 meetings

wolfie is ok he has his own cup, :hehe::hehe: its easier to walk up the petrol station and get a coffi out the machine. i hope the weather will hold up. i feel this wed is going to be good fun. if it has any thing to do with me. oh and keith your gonna have to stop wearing that one peice i cant concentrate on my riding:w00t::hehe::hehe:

Rob you lucky fella! Enjoy and you can tell us all about it afterwards :wink:

Hmmmm cant wait:D

Joined 27/04/2009 :smiley: Your a newbie alright:w00t: