O what a day I've just had!

First off my foot is BLODDY killing me!


Well because I decided that I would lock up the front wheel in traffic and drop my bike… again Like butter bread my bike always falls to the right… onto the frigging can! which is also the side that is missing a crash bung… bugger. The damage to that can isn’t too bad, the fairing is scuffed to hell, rear set bent with bent brake pedal and bent brake lever. Great…

So I picked up the bike and still went to Apex Corner to me up with Sam and Jason for the trip up to SBT, so I get there a little early to have a rest from the crash and then we headed up. The guy at SBT takes a quick look at the bike and starts having a good look at the front forks bouncing it up and down. “Ahhhhh” he said “your front springs are knackered and you need new springs. Even with the pre load on full it didn’t make any diffrence”… Bugger… So now I have my bike booked in with them to have Ohlins springs put in and set up for £200 which makes a change from £1300 at the other place lol.

So now I have to really sort out the fairings and get the suspension sorted, o and I need new rear sets which I maybe able to pick up cheap from someone I hope.

Well at least I’ve made a start on the most crashes award for next christmas

Doh! What happened, why did you have to stop so quickly?! So sorry to hear your bike is all scuffed, but glad you’re okay (you are, right??), Kevin. Post up some pictures if you want, we’re a helpful bunch as you know, someone might have some ideas which help.

Glad SBT were more realistic with their diagnosis, I was shocked to hear about Setup and their advice. Keep us informed of the suspension stuff, especially with pictures! Hope the bike repair happens easily fella.

Thanks mate, I just have brusing on my foot and that all really.

All I know is that the front wheel just locked up, but the front brake has been feeling odd today. Also I have HH pads on the front and they hadn’t had a chance to warm up so maybe a cause? Also the brake is quite spungy so maybe another cause? But the front brake is something that really needs sorting out, Sam is going to help me bleed the brakes and redo the fluid so that might help?

As for the fairings I’m going to buy some cheap race fairings and some halogen enduro lights. The fairing is around £200 and the lights are £50, so 'm looking at £300ish quid which is what honda charge for one side fairing! Will also need to do a home spray jobby on it too. Also the damage on the can can be hidden by one of those can protectors which I should have had on in the first place!

I’ll have to shop around for parts see if I can get anything cheaper… hint hint anyone looking

Will post up some pics tomorrow maybe and I’ll be up the ACE tomorrow night.

Will keep you posted on SBT but it’ll be Feb when the work gets done.

hi project. unlucky there kevin. good to know you are alright. only last friday at ace you were telling me what more it needed. a few more things to be added to that list now right?.

good luck in your search and hope your pains fade.

see you later at ace hopefully.

Kevin… LB colours for the race fairings?

Sorry to hear that Project, hope you get it sorted soon. (Ohlins springs, MMMMMMmmmmmmm)

Glad ure ok matey!

How are you feeling today Kev? Credit to Kev, even after an accident, he was still up for going to Sandy to get his bike sorted, a proper biker, however he was whinging like a cheap tart all day, only kidding.


Mates, eh, who needs em? Snap - all things come around man…

Kev mate, glad your in one piece, but whattya doing to that lovely white FS man, “home paint scheme” my God have you no shame.

If it ends up looking like roadkill, I’ll not park next to you anymore

My guess re lockup was if the springs are shot, the weight transfer on to the front tyre may have been sudden and overwhelmed the tyre. Also you were braking harder than normal - a little too close the car in front perhaps… ?

But what a trooper - I’d have gone home and cried on my own. Top respect geezer.

Fair one mate for carrying on geezer. Hope all heals and fixes soon.

Thanks guys

Jay - LB colours hey well the bike will be a pearl white, with blue at the bottom and maybe a blue line running over the tank and seat unit if we;re a bit adventurous . Not too sure about stickers though, but I’ll happily advertise the site

Darryl - lol I know but most of the parts getting change are the damaged parts so it won’t really cost any more… just need to get another wing mirror really.

Sam - Yeah I’m feeling good today, just the foot is a little painful and thats all really

Andrew - I wasn’t that close to the car in front and I wasn’t anywhere near hitting him but it was just that extra bit of braking that I needed did it really. Just need to get the suspention done and front brake sorted and see how it goes… well I hope Also the home paint job shouldn’t look too bad

Chris - I have used http://www.breakersweb.com/ in the past and its an excelent web site, but I’ll probably just pop up Hemel Bike Brakers or the one near the Ace for the wing mirror and maybe rear set if I can’t find any others.

Thanks mate I might take you up on that offer

where did you get them from? and are they the same as by any chance?

cool thanks for that let me know when a good time is for you and I could pop over to yours to pick it up… I gather that you live in Ruislip if so I’m just up the road in Northolt.