NY - Storm of immense scale !

Looking at live pics of NY, does not appear to be any panic…yet


Mad, there are people walking about, clearing snow. Just want to shout at them “its three in the morning go to bed!”

Not that much snow so far !

not very snowy or windy, very strange looking at times square like that, a few cops and some guys clearing snow, eerily quiet.

Why are the flags at half mast, Demis Roussos fans?

Just seen this posted about the storm and how it’s been reported by the media :smiley: :

It’s looking serious now!! https://twitter.com/Bipartisanism/status/559904192752406529/photo/1

I knew there was a reason to have so many cats…

Is this for real!?

no, i can just spot the photoshop :smiley:

nevertheless, never truer words were spoken, fact of fiction :laugh: