NW7 saying Hi

Newbie from NW7 saying Hi all!

Husband has been posting re: SV650 for the Mrs - well thats me!

Booked DAS today, end of April - sh*t, didn’t realise it was going to be so soon…at least that will give me something else to get nervous about instead of my 230ft charity abseil in May!

Visited the Ace for the first time on Saturday morning for a coffee with hubbie on his Blackbird…went to the Bikesafe Show, then back to the Ace for lunch! It obviously made an impression on me!

Virtual drinks for all on me… :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome Dudette! Good luck with the DAS. Where are you taking it?

welcome, good new on the DAS. Am sure you’ll fly it.

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello hello

Taking DAS with Fasttrak, from 1stlinemotorcyles (Honda dealers), Arnos Grove. Not heard anything good, but then again not heard anything bad about them so that must be good. The chap Keith seems nice, Kiwi or something like that…

Anyone heard of them/him?

Welcome aboard :wink:

Only heard good things about their service dept and I used to be local to them. Never heard bad as far as I can remember :blink:

Check the praise and shame section incase :cool:

Hi and welcome

So will you be riding an SV soon then I take it?

Hello and welcome to LB:D Good luck with the DAS

Hi and Welcome to LB! Good luck with DAS!


Hello! good luck with DAS - I passed mine 2 weeks ago. Life has been a blur since!

Sarah :smiley:

Thats what I’m hoping for! Getting fed up of being the ‘pillion’! Did CBT about 5 yrs ago, got screwed out of company bonus that I should have got which was going to pay for DAS and just never got round to rebooking it. Actually cancelled a holiday planned for this June to pay for, hope I don’t screw up, hubbie won’t be too pleased about missed hols :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi and Welcome.I did DAS with Fasttrak and all went ok for me.

Keith was always on time and very professional.

Say hallo from me.


Thanks drb, good to know someone has had a good experience with them. I met Keith a few months back at 1stline, he seemed a decent chap on first impression.


i’m new too so just thought I say hi!:slight_smile:

Only did my CBT in Jan so am complete newb. Still a little nervous about being out on my own in the biking world (especially hearing all the stories of manic car drivers/pedestrians etc on here) but have got the bike bug (which is just as well as otherwise I’d never see hubby!).


What are you riding? I’m thinking SV650 or CBR600 - going to take a look at an SV650 on Saturday.

I am the very proud owner (as of last Friday) of a Triumph Street Triple! She’s a wee beastie but good fun (even though still running in). Bugger of a waiting list for them though.

I’m hearing lots of good things about the CBR600 though. Being new to bikes I’m not that good on all the models yet - Hubby sees it as his mission to educate me (at length!!)