NW200 raceday pics

These aren’t my own (wish they were!), some excellent shots of NW200 action here:


Really excellent pics - thanks for the link :cool:

Top pics Uber :smooooth:

Some stunning photos there, brilliant seeing their eyes through the clear visors, the look of pure concentration and determination, apart from one of Plater I think, where he doesnt look bothered! :smiley:

the photo 5th from the bottom of the page on the link… wierd looking bike with no forks?? Whats that about?

Watched the highlights last night on the beeb, just stunning, the on board camera’s were absolutely frightening.

Interesting Huewen the commentator was saying that Anstey and Donald basically only race a handful of races each year, bascically, the NW200, the TT and I think they said one more too… is that true? do they race back in Oz and Kiwi land at all?