NW200 history...

Haven’t watched this yet, but whilst searching for the iPlayer NW200 coverage, I found this.

If its’ Beeb archive access, it should be good… I’ll be back in 30 mins? 1 hour? to comment.

By the way, I know NW200 results, but anyone know where I can see the coverage… is it on Eurospurt or not available until the Beeb get their iPlayer act together?

NW200 coverage summarised here -

I heard there was a bomb hoax, and cos there was a legit device that went off in Londonderry yesterday, it may have hit racing… anyone?

Doco is SOOOO worth it by the way! History moments… christ, Michael Dunlop winning it for his Da… jeez!

A race, a two hour delay due to a bomb hoax, and then a major oil spill closed the track for the rest of the day sums it up.

Some great historic footage in the documentary, well worth watching :cool:

Only one race but apparently a very good one, it’s on BBC NI tonight at 10.35.

as said above, it was a bit of a non goer for the whole day due to one thing or another

(I dont remember a yr when theyve had all the races without probs!)

gota love the unpredictability of road racing :smiley:

Yes most years the organisers have a lot to deal with for sure and they do a fantastic job.

More than accomadating to the riders too, but they’ll want to know your life story :smiley:

Great find Toby:w00t:
Was that you on the sand B?;):P:D

:hehe: a few weeks before my time CM :smiley:

I did find myself checking out the very old clip in the night club to see if I was there…could have been very embarrasing mate!

Mick Grant’s sideburns are almost as spectacular as our Toby’s!!!..lol;):smiley:

Sideburns are so last century… I’m working on my Bieber Barnet right now… can you imagine how SHONK that’s gonna look !!! I’m gonna get ALL the jail bait! :hehe: