NW200 Gifts

As I have now seen da guys three times in a many months we all though it was about time I got a lil loyalty gift and here it is the actual nose cone raced & crashed by M.Rutter in the 2008 NW200 Superstock Race, signed by the Bear and Neil chef mechanics and then by M.Rutter himself




How good was the race itself, and tell me your experience…I watched it on the P.C. and was totally in awe, so god knows what it’s like in the flesh. i will be going one year and any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Lucky git!!!

That nose cone says Laverty not Rutter! :ermm:


If it helps to clear up the mystery, Rutter was riding Laverty’s Superstock bike when he crashed at York Corner.

He did try really hard to get her running again but the engine kept dying.

He then walked all the way back to the pits to get there in time for the final superbike race.

Signing peoples programs along the way.Glen

Topman you got it in one, I also have the screen which had the riders name on it “RUTTER” :smiley:

Cool so theres a bit of a story with it too! :cool:

green with envy