NW london Newbie ride.

Anyone up for a ride in NW london? 125 speed?

Aww, I thought you were organising one and got excited about the prospect of getting lost in bedfordshire instead of essex this time!

I would organise it, but i’ve never organised a bike ride before so would need some help to make sure everything is sorted

Well I’ll tailgun, or whatever…

Dont know the date yet but i’ll help if you need me;)

i havent got a idea for any date yet, whenever people want to go, any 125s up for it? or anyone wantin to ride with us?

probably best to say a date and where to go and see how many people wanna come

Beds is a nice area and Dunstable Downs isn’t too far away with some lovely winding roads. I’d be interested.

I’d be up for a NW London ride-out - wouldn’t be able to organise one myself but would like to tag along to one if I’m free that day!