NW 200 2009 onboard Donald telemetry

You might have seen this before, but I just saw it today and my f…ing god… The noise drives me mad… Watching this is one of the few times I miss my stupidly powerful K5 1000 (171bhp at the back wheel). Until you’ve tamed a 1000 and held the throttle wide open after a number of corners, you simply cannot understand what an insane rush it is and how god-damned bloody scary it is when you get a twitch on at 170mph+!




My god! That was mental!

Yea, MotoGP is fast, but 180mph with inches separating you from other riders on a public road is damn hardcore!

And the sound! :blink::w00t::Wow: That’s just wrong! :wink:

Wow ! They’re so quick that under braking, the thing wants to kick him off. Mental skills ! Hats off to them boys.

The riders of these bikes are not of this world.:cool:

holy crap!!! respect!! MotoGP looks like a piece of cake compared to that!!

Sounds like the DD rideout :smiley:

pure insanity:D

It is amazing…

Especially when standing at Mather’s Cross corner and seeing riders pass you inches away, flat out with their knee skimming the surface.

Jay, those roads definitely weren’t designed with litre bikes in mind.

Riding around there after the races this year, I got a better picture of the insanity and extreme control that must be required to ride around there about 150 MPH faster than I was going.

thats just crazy!! love it

wiil race for food:cool:

death or glory…i’ll just watch from the sideline thanks