Nutter in Silver Transit Van targetting bikers

Hi All

Apologies if this is a re-post. Just picked up on it from another forum I’m on more regularly (mate there spotted it on Gixxerjunkies). After reading it I thought it would be wise to share it here:

watch out for a silver van

mate of mine was passing static traffic behind a mate (few bikes behind them) on blackheath road, a silver van was in the inside lane comin in the opposite direction, sped up crossed both oncoming lanes and charged at her mate , he pulled in to a handily appearing gap unfortunately silver van man then went off to my mate and took her out pretty badly…

she called the local dibble today to get the reference numbers for insurance and they read her out an identical accident that happened 8 minutes later.

seems there’s a silver transit type van targetting motorbikes and going for head ons or a serious side swipe… in the blackheath catford lewisham area…

watch out folks

she ended up right underneath the cars in the queue, not the easiest place for the ambulance people to work on you (knocked out) split her lid from visor to top vents. tank is ok but that sounds about it.

Her legs about three times it’s usual size n she’s pretty sore - but breathing. I took her chocolate and sweets so she’ll be better now

apparently the pillion on the bike he took out a few minutes later also needed working on in the road prior to being nee nawed off in the ambulance.

nobody is in any doubt that it was intentional - unfortunately whilst most saw the aftermath, the static drivers were in that kinda traffic jam dreamland up to the point of impact and because there are road works in the area much of the cctv is disabled for now.

what a wenker,thats attemped murder.its bad enough staying upright in the city as it is let alone being hit on purpose,hope the van driver drops dead:angry:.)hope the rider makes a quick recovery,shocking:angry:

OMG, thats awful!! How can anyone do this knowing that you could cause serious injury or worse!! :frowning:

quite easily if ya remember our trip to st albans :angry:

perhaps i should go hunting him in my lorry then see who comes of better :smiley: hmmm i think 32 tonne of beer would do quite a lot of damage :smiley:

When did this happen?

Has anybody got a reg or partial reg?

Best wishes to your mate in hospital. Sounds like the incident reported on here last week in the Blackheath area.

I could have killed that guy :angry: I wouldn’t waste beer on the a hole in the silver transit though, an empty lorry would do enough damage :smiley:

It’s not someone I know directly, more of a friend of a friend on another forum, if that makes sense.

No Reg captured by anyone unfortunately… if there was I be promoting some mob justice. I just hope someone catches the driver and strings them up!

And the cops cant find anything on cctv? more like there not looking!

Thanks for putting it on the radar. F*cker better make sure he don’t get caught. . .

That’s awful - why would anyone want to do that to someone?? What could possibly be running through his head?

I hope no one else encounters this psycho.

Yeah damage to the beer!! As Tiggi said, don’t waist good beer on somebody like that…

reading the originl post that happens to me regularly

cars/vans in the middle of the road coming at ya, where they put them p0xy speed bumps in the road it seems every t0sser will stride the 1 in the middle of the road thus been half way across the other sideof the road in our path cos on bikes you can go between the humps.

IF ANYONE on here saw this happen or knows anyone that saw it, please contact me and i will put you in contact with her as nobody seems to have taken down the vans registration plate.

Hey Lucky13, I took her flowers and chocolate on saturday :wink:

Hey Tricksie - clearly, London’s a small world… Although I got the heads up from a mate 'oop north (and no that’s not Camden!).

Hope she’s recovering ok. You can let her know that not only is she famous across many a bike forum, but also that the GSX1400 Org are gathering a lynch mob in case one’s needed.

that is horrifying!

i hope teh driver crashes the van into a wall gets trapped and burns alive…fuggin scum

what you could do is get few peeps togather and go looking…if it was my mate i think i would be going potty…

you know what…with every day that passes im seeing this country and london fall apart…makes me sad.

wish all invloved a speedy recovery, GWS

seriously f*****d up :frowning:

words escape me :frowning:

The lass :wink: is as well as can be with a leg twice the size it should be, bored as anything and waiting to find out whats gonna happen to her beloved bike though :frowning:

for once, i really don’t know what to say.

hum that is my ends ill keep my eyes open. there was also one a while ago pointing guns at bikers and trying to hijack there bikes.