Nuther Newbie Checking In

Hi all, I met a few of you peeps at the Ace and Chelsea Bridge over the last few weeks so thought it was about time I introduced myself here

My normal stead is an 06 ZX-6R in black but I’ve also got a KX250F for when you simply have to get down and dirty.

Anyhow I’m going to try and make it down the Cubana soon and my name’s Paul if you are at all interested.

Oh and as I want to get this party started it’s going to be a round of Tequila’s for all.

Hello paul, you made the jump then back from your trip, ill see ya about no doubt…

Hey Paul, welcome to LB! Post up a picture of your bikes in the Pictures & Video forum so we can recognise you!

Hi Simon, yeh trip was good, did loads of surfing and had a great time. Enjoyed that night a couple of weeks ago when we did the Ace and Chelsea, have to meet up again soon although I’m going to try and get to the Cubana when I can, might be able to this Wednesday!

No probs Jay, I’ll borrow a dig. camera and put some shots up when I can. ZX-6R is totally stock but the 250F is fully graphiced up.


no worries, ill be there 7-7.30 weathers lookin good

Welcome to LB Paul

Hi there…

Welcome to LB,.,

See ya Wednesday…

Welcome Paul,

Although I’ll have to decline the tequila as it effects my knees (well they stop working ),

I’ll have a single malt if you don’t mind

No probs sutcir, one fine single malt coming up!

Hello and welcome, see you Wednesday…

Hi Paul, Welcome Excellent choice of bike & I’ll have a Bushmills please.

Welcome to LB Paul

Welcome to LB Paul

hi you all just thought i,d say hi.

Right then that’s 11 tequila’s, one single malt and a bushmills. I’ll be back in one minute.

I’ve posted a few pics of my bikes in the members gallery so you can have a quick look if you fancy while you wait!

PowerSlide welcome LB mate

Hi Paul

Im new too - newbies together!!! I haven’t actually got my own wheels yet, but love being a pillion. Been Ace too and its great there…i’ll be the chick on the blue CBR600F (like that’ll help!)

see you soon x

PowerSlide… Hello and welcome to LB… See you at Cubana sometime…

hey matey welcome and hope to see ya at the cubana!!