Nürburgring - WDW 2007 - 26/6 - 1/7

Just to let you know that I booked myself for the WDW.

I am going to Glastonbury as well which is on the previous weekend therefore, what I did is to book the last two weeks in June as holiday!

My plan is to leave London on 26 of June in the late morning, stop in Germany nearby the Nürburgring, which is on the way down to Italy. On 27 do the Ring and leave in the early afternoon for Misano stopping somewhere in between for some sleep. Arrive in Misano on 28 for the WDW and stay there till Sunday 1st July.

Unfortunately I could not take 2nd July off and I will leave the bike somewhere in Italy and I will go the following weekend to get it and drive it back to London.

Anybody interested?

More info about:

Nürburgring - http://www.nuerburgring.de/home/index.html?L=1

WDW - http://www.ducati.com/wdw2007/index.jhtml