Nurburgring : Same vid bigger-better quality

i could watch that all day!!!

thanks mate!!!


Well after watching that…there wouldnt be much in it around a lap between me and you…

No more than a few hours !!!.. That was superb mate… (awesome)…

More of that please !!!

nice vid there. I really want to go back out there.

Thats one hot lap doohan. that Sabina can drive! Not bad looking either

Top one Doohan, that was great to watch.

Love ya reaction to the big tank slap at the start!!!

Truly amazing, Fooking hell man that was good but Ill stick with the A406 for another year, how many timme have you been there?

…going back to watch it.

there seems to be some serious work going on there with all the barriers, what’s up ?? Was it coming up to the GP race ??

I’ll post the video of my later going backwards into the barrier in the car :slight_smile:

I love the NBR but always works out too expensive with body work. These are the pictures after me and my mate Paul spent a day at the ring in 2001 :wink: Neither crash was high speed at all, just it was so slick out there !

I know you should never reply to your own posts but…

I found the video of me eating wall :slight_smile:

Http:// ( it’s 1.5Meg )

Hey Lee, was you a member of the FTO owners club? If so I prolly know you as got one myself. Was a member back in 2001/2002.

yes i was ( and still am on the IT List we have ) … I was a very early member as i had two cars in the end a 95 and then a facelift 97… This is of course before every bastard bought one and made it a chav mobile …

If you ever got the calendar they did it’s my car on the front with the F15 ( and i even took the photo )

Nice cars I, kissing the barrier didn’t look to bad but like you say its the cost of repairs, what was you time round there wet/dry mate?

Well bugger me. Small world eh?

Just thought, if your missus is Dawn, did she have the yellow FTO?

Still got my silver FTO, and although it gives me real painful hips to drive cannot bear to sell as I still love it so much.

Nope that’s a different Dawn. Your thinking of Steve & Dawn Hemming…

Very small world… And not to bring it up of course but it was on an FTO rally that i got run over by an FTO off of my Gixxer ( then through a fence, and for good measure ran me over again ! ) up in Cumbria . I believe the photo’s were in the club magazine ( thanks Viv ) .

But here are some of the FTO v Gixxer photos.

and from the tread pattern on the tank i can tell you exactly why he didnt stop when he hit me… He was running shitty cheap tyres !!!


Love the *&%! when you did a Rossi

mate wicked vid thanks for sharing dude and i hope you get the bike up and running soon as.

Is it a 1000 750 600?

good luck mate