Nurburgring plan A 2nd Sept-7th Sept ..... Book here .......

so it looks like we got 2 plans, this is plan A that goes out on the saturday to be able to have a lap in the nurburgring taxi on the sunday then on the monday a trackday at spa francochamps

saturday 2nd, leave blighty early, arrive at sliders guest house, couple of sighting laps at the ring

sunday 3rd, do the ring taxi, 180 euros (can be split between 3), an mess about at the ring for the day

monday 4th, ride to spa for a track day, 180 euros. its about a 50 mile ride from sliders

tuesday 5th, ride the local roads together with the guys from group B

wednesday 6th, a full day at the ring with the guys from group B

thursday 7th, return to blighty safe an sound after a tyre frying time

tyres and changing facilities are availabe from sliders guest house but please inform them of wat you need before going

must say at this point, we (me and 2 mates) are going out in the van with the bikes in the back, but the journey times wont be that much different as we wont need to stop an fuel up on route

dates are getting closer, any takers ??? …