Nurburgring GT3 vs R1

Very good onboard vid.

I would love to have a go there in both

****, man thats tops whats the crack with the matey on a ****in moped at the beginning??? do u think the bike genuinley had trouble getting in front?

Nice video.

I reckon if the car hadn’t been held up by traffic the bike would never had caught up.

It’s cold, and the car is pushing very hard.

Do you think he bought his gloves in halfords

Hahahahah! Good one Steve!

Good vid! I agree, that gt3 would have cleared off if it wasn’t for the traffic. Think i’ll buy one when I win the lottery!!

Nice one Art,great vid, i agree the GT3 would have been on the horizon
if it was’nt for the traffic!

Well there are always ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’.

Both had the same obstacles… and the GT3 is not exactly a standard model is it now?

I’m happy 'cause the bike won. Job done.

Notice the Transit van! LOL

It is a public road after all

The dude on the R1 used to have his own web site but when he died on the ring it was taken away. Some of his vids are back online now with his wifes permission. That is a very slow lap for him! The car would have been gone if it had not been for all that traffic. The dick in the silver merc should be hung, drawn and quartered. There are also a lot of illegal overtakes, you must overtake on the left, not the right.

That was me and my mates at the barrier when he went thru,it wasn’t a moped it was a GT550,another mate on Mille. Snowed that night too. I used to take Addison Lee GT550 round there complete with portaloo back in the days when it wasn’t too busy. When the GT got nicked it was rumoured that i crashed it at the ring and left it there


who’d have thought… ?