Nurburgring - Anyone been?

Booked a trip from 26th – 30th June.

Just wondered if anyone had been, got any suggestions on routes down, tips, bits to watch out for when we arrive etc etc.

Did a trip to France last year which was the nuts, didn’t really plan the route, but found some top roads only problem was the miles of straight roads in between.

I’ve been thinking about doing the 'Ring for a while now, might well be up for it! A friend of mine did this last year, I’ll see if he can post up his experiences.

I have been a couple of times and am going back this year at end of July for another crack at it.

Just remember that this is one of the most dangerous places to go biking. It is completely exhillerating and an absolute blast. The roads in the local area are excellent as well.

The frst year I went I crashed in the wet but was fortunate to get up and walk away, there is virtually no run off on much of the circuit and that armco hurts - plus its very expensive!

Make sure you stick to the right hand side of the track and use your mirrors a lot. There are a lot of loons out there who are balls out and take no prisoners. Always be aware of whats approaching from behind as well as what you may meet, I have met coaches and camper vans on my way round.

Never ride the ring at ten tenths, always leave yourself a little extra, you never know when you will need it. It is a great place, best done in the dry. If the period you are going is busy (it usually is), try to get to the ring when it opens in the morning. You can usually get a couple of laps in to potter round and take it all in without too many of the loons out there with you. The last couple of laps before it closes are usually quite quiet as well. Lunch time is normally absolutely heaving and best avoided.

All I will do is wish you all the best and I really hope you enjoy the experience of a trip to one of the meccas of motorsport.