Nürburgring: 04 R1 vs. Viper


I could have kept up on my scooter.


Okay, seen it now, and fooooooooooooooooooooooooook me!!! That’s incredible! Reminds me of TT That rider’s very, very good to tag like that and be so confident.

that i awesome ill def do the ring one day…but no rush!!


“oi Viper driver… ya left ur indicator on!!”

I liked that

the kid on the bike BIG respect and a lot of confidence to follow a car that close,and at that speed…think he could have taken the viper a few times …definitely heard him backinoff a few times

Ahh bet the rider’s clutchless upshifts aren’t as good as mine now

Yeah, great video…The rider is clearly treating the track with respect which is why he doesn’t go for it when from our perspective it looks like he could.

Treat the ring like a country road rather than a track…Sounds good to me

if you read the title of the vid it says “Lap of the Nurburgring following the Zakspeed Viper”

the guy on the bike was never going to overtake the viper, did well to pass all the other traffic.

nice vid and yeah the guy on the bike is good.

God I’m missing the RING already.

could well be the alcohol charly impairing your aim…

have you tried lube…