Nurburg ring 13th May 2012 lap… 8:56…

Nice riding :cool:

Good to meet up with you … although only briefly. You seemed to be having a top time! :smiley:

Seems like you chose a good time for that lap with not too much traffic. Sometimes it looks totally crammed with cars lining up in convoys.

Only half my group went out and then we headed off for more fun in the mountain roads. I’ve been to the 'ring in the car loads but it was my first time on a bike. It’s far more challenging!!

Shame about the stoopid prices now :frowning:

It’s the first time I’ve explored the area and it’s sensational. If you ever get the chance, get out and about too :slight_smile:

Yes… last year there was a huge pile up… so the track closed…

We took to the local roads and found perfect roads , challenging , smooth and the scenery was absolutely breath taking…

No video from me … but found this picture :

oh and I had to get a sticker :wink:

Liking it!

nice vid dude, see it on FB, looks liek a good time nice smooth riding style :wink:

Glad you had better weather than me and my mate.