Number Plates

If your looking for a new plate try this lot, i use them all the time for me and my friends.

The plates are good quality and dont take long to get to you once youve ordered them. I have used different firms before but these seem to be the best.

Thanx for the link mate rock !

Hmmm, some nice looking options on both of the sites. Apologies if this is a repeat question, but what is the worst case scenario with the law if my motorcycle is wearing a show plate? And I suppose I ought to ask what would be the typical scenario should that be different?

MH, …

Worst case scenario mate is a £30 ticket with no points … that is of course as long as there is nothing else wrong with your bike at the time and the Officer stopping you doesn’t want to report you for any other offences (illegal exhaust, illegal visor, etc, etc), if you get reported for a load of offences then you can’t be given a ticket, you’ll have to go to court and run the gauntlet of finding out what sort of mood the Magistrate is in.

But going back, if it’s just the plate, worst case scenario is a ticket for £30.

A few of the guys have them and seem to be lucky and have never been pulled then again a few have been unlucky too.

Hope this helps … this will need to be confirmed by Pork Scratchin … he’s the traffic expert.

Cheers for that Trojan, at that kind of money I suppose I can play the show plate lottery at least once.

Years ago a friend loaned me his motorcycle so that I could dash up to Johannesburg from Durban for the weekend - about a 1200km round trip - and I got pulled for speeding. Fortunately my mates motorcycle was in perfect perfect perfect condition, and the cop was so impressed with it, him being an owner of precisely the same model too that he let me off with a verbal bollocking. Two days later when I got back to Durban I found out that my mate had taken the tax disc holder off when he was doing some work just before I’d left and had forgotten to put it back - and that copper had spent a good deal of time looking over the bike! Phew…

MH, …

So long as you’re not completely taking the p*ss size wise, then should be no problem.

AFAIK the worst that can happen is that if you’re a repeat offender, then the DVLA can withdraw your registration number & issue a ‘Q’ plate in it’s place, this’ll knock a third off the value of your bike & make getting insurance both harder to find & more expensive. That said, I’ve never actually known this to happen to anyone, but the resident traffic plod may have more info on this.

I got mine off this chap. Next day delivery - all the bells and whistles at £11.99 (incl delivery).

(one day I will learn to do the little link thing)

Spot on, I was taking the pi$$, got stopped several times, all the coppers said was “that is too small” none would actually say the words just a bit bigger would be OK, but then again not one ever told me it has to be utterly regulation size in all respects. One real stiff did do me years ago and spent what seemed like several hours going over the plate measuring every nickable aspect possible, the charge sheet was longer than a roll of andrex. Funnily enough I dont think he got my details quite right, so that is what it got used as…

The other thing is, single line plates are inexplicably, illegal, it is yet another reason to stop you, so if you do sail close to the wind sizewise, do it on 2 rows.

get my plates from rory. met him at a bike show and he does photo shy plates for £19.99 delivered. got one on my bike now…


I’m sure they don’t work mate, something to do with playing with the negative or something similiar a a photo geek type of way … I’m sure someone more clever than me will explain.

hi barry. you can turn the photo of the back of my bike inside out upside down however you wish but as it comes out bright light then when you reverse it ,it then comes out too dark to see the bike let alone the plate …my plate is actually made to be this way, cos i go a little bit fast now and then. the sprays are useless. when i see you barry i will show you the plate on my phone…a few people have seen the results of my plate (either they got ticketed while out on ride with me or they have been told about my plate.) and they have all wanted one…my bike cannot run at 30mph. at that £20 it was a great bargain.