number plates!

allright lads grate site this is my 1st post on it

onley came across this site because my mate sed that there would be pictures of the ace cafe meet on it that i attended to

im an owner of a bike thats in a few of the fotos out on the road doing silly things and would have thuaght that the numberplates would have been blured like on other sites also like AWOL’s plate just incase the poliece end up looking on the site i know its being a bit paranoied but just wonderd what the rest of ya think on the matter

thanks matt

i agree, put it on velcro mate and take it off when your being silly, as for the pics ask LB if they will alter them

oh yeah & welcome

will do mate

site is grate thow best site i have found yet will just have to get sum stickers for my bike now with the web adress i was on the old skool gsxr 1100 picks that are up arnt the best but still i got picks of her on a site no then just add the big bore pluss the gass and you will see sum much better roleing burnouts one of my mates got one of me in 3rd geer on the limater lol couldent see behind the bike

has to be done matt

I’ve got a headache now!

Welcome to LB, Matt! Which one was your bike? Not the one the ‘squid girl’ stacked, I hope!

AAAHHH Matty P I knew you couldnt resist buddy!
Yeah I saw my plate on show but sod it I live in Luton anyone stupid enough to copy my plate id soon prove to the dvla it wasnt me “said shaggy”

squid girl dunno nothing about that bet she was fit and i missed it on the girl note glad i diddent lend my bike to that girl on the r1 silly cow!

my bikes the 1100 with polished bits lenthned swingarm paint job anadized forks oil presher and temp guages and was dooin roleing burnouts and atempting wheelies with a FCUKED clutch and mullerd bk tyre

and allllo joe me old mukka matt

mattj20, velcro-plates are the way to go, especially if you intend on bending the rules of the road I wouldn’t worry about the gallery pictures, as there’s a whole load of other riders doing more, er risque stunts than you.

Welcome to LB, and that’s a nice ride you’ve got there, looked good on the day.

thanks man it goes all right for an 1100 makin just over 200bhp on std barrles with the bigger flatslides gets a bit hot on the road with them carbs thow it will run on diesle now thow and u cant bump start it

i have one of the road to track flip plates but im not shure weather to use it or not the poliece may not take a likeing to it i also have 8 points which is why im a bit wearey lol looks like velcrow it is then lads

matt <<<<me

Guess you’ve all tidied up, lovely jublee

Fair Play.

Coffee,s on me !!!


thanks 2 who eva removed the posts befor it started a war!

think befor you speek hay mate there might be a reason why ppl type and spell like that !


if that flip plate is the electric one that you cant buy no more???

they go for serious money on ebay now

bike looks cooooooooooool bring it to the ace tomorrow night gonna be a few LBers there and i dont know any yet

yeah …ok…fainitz ?

Yeah he knows I sold him the one he has hahahahahahhahahhahaha

Laughing all the way to the bank!


yeah mate no worryes and yess its the electric one a slight wireing problem can be fixed in about 2 mins its just got a tiny split in a wire havent fixed it because i havent fitted it!


Rear Projection Plates controlled by a kill switch on handle bar !!!..reason…to counteract future chip setting in bikes in case of through the card congestion charge !!! (two forms of ID to verify a bike without front and rear plates in court).

Stay tuned…we have a working proto…:wink:


Barro you sound like a verrrrry handy man and im loving them lights of yours!

good man thats what we like to hear once my points are gone im game for anything fcuk em since its a flip plate might as well just fip it and not stop sayin that not a good idea i get about 60 miles to a tenner! if im hammering about at 70mph. . . . . lol yeah right add a 1 infront!


Thanks mate…come get a closer look and see what you think at the Ace tomorrow, always nice to meet a new friend.