Number Plate While You Wait?

I need to get a “slightly smaller” than road legal plate for a tail tidy. Anyone any suggestion where I can get one made up around Central/West London

PM trouty on this forum. He makes them ‘to order’ :smiley: Or check his website - I know he’s away racing in Assen this weekend tho.

+1 for Trouty

You can even have the Londonbikers logo on it:cool:

yeah, dont use this lot >
very poor quality workmanship

Cool why not keep it in the family:) and with the LondonBikers logo how could i resist cheers.

Yep, trouty’s brilliant, he did mine, designed and delivered in a week :smiley:

I got my plate from V2 along with tail tidy etc came the next day with no probs

far too many choices on there :smiley:

but still gonna get one :slight_smile: