Number plate stolen: M735 EGK

OK, so some sonofabitch nicked the number plate off my NTV last night. The bike was chained to a ground anchor in my front garden in Camden and I suppose they wanted to at least take something if they couldn’t take the bike, or to just have a plate to put on the stolen scooter they were riding around. Just had a new one made for 20 of the queen’s pounds… grrrr!!!

So – if you see any punk ass riding around with a “M735 EGK” reg on a scooter please knock him off. I’ve reported the theft to the police – does anyone know if I also need to contact the DVLA to get a new reg number to protect myself from any menace done in my name?

Unless there are lots of offences for the number plate you will not get a new registration. Keep the police report with you in case you get stopped.

Jeez, that sucks. Good job you reported it stolen quickly.