Number plate Q's

Thinking of getting my Number Plate Pimped but stuck on a few Questions:

  • Whats the Smallest size plate I can have legally? I have seen some really small ones on bikers but not sure if its road legal?

  • Can I have the plate background in Black and the number/letters in white?

Thank you

Everything is set out in legislation. There are few options. DVLA leaflet v796 describes the legislation -

Rear plates must be yellow - letters must be black. The font is defined, as is the character size, layout and spacing.

Anything that looks non-standard is likely to be illegal, and in my opinion is just inviting a copper to stop you to see what else they can find wrong.

And the ticket for it is about to go up to £60 a time

Thank you very much guys!:cool:

All in Questions and Answers mate.


having been pulled over soo many times for stupid numberplates, sod it - i just have the legal ones on now and nobody bothers me.

Thanks. For some reason using the search button didn’t occur to me. Sorry for that and thx :wink: