Number plate light - mot requirement?

Does anyone know if the number plate light is a legal requirement to pass an MOT?

Reason i ask is because im going to fit an under tray to my bike and it’ll be less hassle to do away with the number plate light rather than work a way of incorporating it into the under tray. (it’ll probably look a lot better too)

I was wondering/hoping if the light from the tail light which is permanently on would be sufficient for an mot pass


yes it is

You can use the light from a tail light but it must be clear where it shines on the plate . Cut out a rectangle and glue in a clear bit of plastic and you will pass … I did :smiley:

Good idea,

Cheers for the tip mate!


To give you another option, there’s also these:

That’s what I’ve got on my FZ6, MOT in July so will find out then :smiley:

iv used those bolt ones had to buy a new set each mot as the first set i ripped the wires out and the second set broke arfter 3 days but good for the mot non the less

Didnt have one for nearly 7 years. Was never an issue

I have also passed without one…

not needed for bike mot butis a legal requirement and gives a reason for a tug