'Nuisance' motorcyclists targeted


Define a “Nuisance motorcyclist”?

Are we talking noisy cans, stunts or what?

kids riding over the fields behind my house on trials bikes at midnight are more of a nuisance i bet…



not a very informative article i must say … why would they be targeted!!! very unhelpful report… :unsure:

Basically they had nothin’ to report, cos the police press office didn’t get a comprehensive release together in time. They had a big drive up in Yorkshire last week and targetted loads of young bikers from thieves to kids who’d just borrowed a mates bike and razzed it. Kent followed suit but the press office wasn’t up to speed.

Someone on here mentioned that they’d been pulled and the officer had used the excuse that “anyone riding wearing jeans” was more likely to be a thief…talk about “[email protected] PROFILING” - Draggin Jeans lawyers could have a field day with them in court if that really was what the officer said.

DAMN. my secrets out.i’m a right one for wearing jeans.

…now where did i put my balaclava…???

Rim tape?

There’s a slightly more comprehensive report at


Too bloody right mac:DThere is nothing more offensive IMO than bikes with Rim Tape:w00t:I’m seriously issuing NIP’s to said riders on behalf of the Style Police;):smiley:

that figures!

Looks from the kent online report like they were targetting off-roaders. But not many of the seizures were bikes.