Nuisance insurance claim calls from scouser firm

I have to be careful here as we have people from Liverpool in the family, but… If another scouser rings me asking about “that accident you were in”, I’ll scream! ARGH!!! GO AWAY!

Ehh, calm down, calm down !!

I block these and the PPI calls - I’ve even stopped being polite if I accidentally answer one. 

I feel sorry for the staff, being told to “f**** ***”. But it’s enough to drive a man insane.

How do you block the calls Abzero?

@Jay - my iphone has an option to block the caller; I also don’t tend to answer a number I don’t recongise, and a quick google normally tells me if its a nuisance number or not then it gets blocked. At home we have a landline which can block numbers as even though we’re x-directory we still get alot of these calls.

Its a bit re-active, but best I can do.

I had one of those a couple of weeks ago and the guy actually hung up before I had a chance to tell him to feck off

I don’t answer withheld numbers.

and if they’re a PPI/ambulance chaser I ask them if their mother is proud of how much they’re failing at life

Call blocker should be available from any phone.

We love these calls and if I we have time we wind them up for ages :grin:

I told them accident occured  when my boyfriend split my Arse
The phone goes quite very quickly

Unfortunately I have to answer unknown numbers so it’s a bit difficult to screen them! I need an AI to do that for me.

Have fun with them.  The last couple of calls I got, I explain that I had an accident at work and they weren’t sympathetic, laid it on really thick for 10 minutes, really getting the guy worked up.  When asked what the injury was I told him it was a paper cut.  Did have a women call up about a PPI claim, call didn’t last long as I asked her about her knickers, she promptly hung up.  :smiley:

I like your style.

tap the number, tap options, report as spam and then block/auto reject.

If its witheld then have a bit of fun with them!

Just added my number to

LOL love that video!!

I started doing the same thing… I told them that this was a business phone for Dick Long Visual Enterprises and that we were on the set of our latest venture, Fill up my gasket… proceeded by “yeah lick her c**t a bit more, now rub her rusty sheriff’s badge”… If I’m going to get bothered I might as well entertain as well :smiley:

If they’re still on the line you can always ask if they want to take part… works well with call centres in India :smiley:

Unfortunately TPS only works for calls from UK based callers, so guess that excludes Liverpool…

hmm, you need to hook it into your computer - so you can have an automated message… “all our jays are currently occupied if this is a legitmate call please press 1 now…” - that might filter a few of them out.